Show and Tell

154 a video by M'roy on Flickr.

Emma will show and I will tell.

My sister Emma loves her scratching wedge. This video was taken before I came to live with them. So this was when Emma was an only child.

She loves to scratch this wedge, especially when Papa puts nip on it. Now they bought her another one, not a wedge but a hanging thingy. She goes crazy for it. Mama is not very successful with capturing her on the video with that scratcher yet.

I on the other hand do not like scratching these gadgets. I like to scratch the carpet, and when I do Mama or Papa always yell. I don't know for what reason. Can a Buster not scratch the carpet anymore?

Buster signing off.


  1. Buster, we have one of those, and like you, I don't use it, I prefer the carpet. Even though we have LOTS of scratching posts and kitty condos. The mom doesn't seem to mind, though -- she doesn't have any expensive carpeting in the house. (Hmm, wonder why not....)

    Derry, however, loves his wedge scratcher and uses it all the time!


  2. Maybe it's a boy thing. Kit prefers scratching the carpet, too!

  3. Buster, we understand. Just don't worry about them yelling. We don't. And finally, we've got the carpet at the top of the stairs just purrfect! Carpets are the best thing to go scratching on. Sometimes, our Mumsy gets what she calls scraps from the carpet store. Puts a little nip on it and let's us just go to town!

  4. Every kitty has different tastes about where to scratch. I don't see what your humans are getting so upset about, Buster!

  5. Wow, she does go a little crazypants for that thing, huh? Hmmm, a hanging scratcher? That's hard to imagine. Could you have your Humans take a picture of it? I want to know what I am missing, MOL.

  6. She is a very talented girl, I also love scratching on mu cat tree here.
    Cool video Buster, it's so nice!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  7. Buster,
    I love them carpets. But my Mama has rolled up all of them. I've been deprived. har har har *evil laughs*

  8. Buster , me too just love to scratch the carpet !
    And you know what ??!! My humans yell at me too :(

  9. Buster I love to scratch both on my scratcher and the carpet so I do not see anything wrong with what you are doing.

  10. Wow..... this must be a gray and orange thing! My gray sister LOVES her cardboard scratcher thingie - there are always itty bitty pieces of cardboard everywhere from her scratching. I, Zoe, much prefer the carpet!!!!


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