Play Time

2011_07_24 020 a video by M'roy on Flickr.
One guess on who's behind the curtain!

Happy weekend everyfurry!


  1. Emma! Pay no attention to that cat behind the curtain!

  2. You are very gentle with your Mama's curtains, Emma. The Human says you are a Good Girl.

  3. We hope your Mama doesn't have tiny claw holes in her curtains!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. MOL! Attack of the killer curtain :O)

  5. hee hee! And now we understand why there are no curtains at our house...

  6. Hi Emma! Hi Buster! You are so cute! We wuz watching you on the cat TV. That's fun!

    Thank you both so much for coming to Pungy's Birthday Party! We had a lot of fun, and you guys helped make it even more special. You were one of our fist friends on the CB, so it meant a lot to have you guys there. Thank you!

    Have a good weekend! (((Hugs)))

  7. Hi Emma! Hi Buster! Oh that video was so cute - we like to play like that at our house too! It was so fun to watch you playing!!


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