Cats on Tuesday

I had an interesting weekend. I went to the V-E-T. I feel perfectly alright. BUT, mama was panicky. She felt that I wasn't eating enough. Of course she compares my eating to Buster. No one beats Buster at eating. He grazes all day long. Me? I only eat when I'm hungry. I know how to regulate my intake.

But when mama came back from vacation she carried me and thought I lost weight. Then g'ma came and told mama that while she was looking after us while they were away I wasn't eating like I was supposed to.

When she got back from vacation she also went out to buy the brand of food that I really like. You know she likes to mix up our food. One month she buys one brand, a different brand the next month.

I don't like CHANGE too much.

But so off to vet we went last Saturday. I knew something was up when both mama and papa got up and I got loaded into the pet carrier. Of course I meowed my objection throughout the ride to the vet.

The vet was very impressed with my cool as cucumber demeanor. She said I was very calm despite all the barking in the lobby. Oh kitties, the waiting room was filled with woofies with issues. They were barking like animals :)

After thorough exam (I am current with all my shots), the vet said I was fine. I even gained weight, all 1.7 lbs from last year. Also the vet said I have really fine and healthy coat. Mama was very proud.

Oh kitties, after we got back home, Buster interrogated me all afternoon. He wanted to know where I went and what happened.

The next day he was the one loaded up in the pet carrier, but that's for another post. So I'm happy to tell all of you my friends that I survived the vet experience.


This is my entry for CATS ON TUESDAY.


  1. Concats! Sounds like you are in purrfect health! We are so glad efurrything checked out ok. xoxo

  2. So glad you're well Emma, just make sure those humans listen to you and buy you exactly what food you want when you want it! :O)

  3. You mean your humans got all worked up and dragged you to the vet for no reason? They are lucky you handled it so nicely. I would have been mad!

  4. Hi Emma,
    what a luck, that the vet told your Mama you are fine. Imagine if he had told her you need an injection or special treats with bad tasting drops. You are looking purrfect.
    Best greetings, Wiski (+Johanna)

  5. That's a shame, so they took you there for nothing ? You are probably eating like Rosie only what she needs and nothing else and she ALWAYS eats the same brand. She hates every changement.
    Arthur is like Buster he eats like a horse but he doesn't like to change his brand either. He only eats can food, while Rosie and Pookie eat only dry food. I have a cat restaurant !
    Good that you put on weight, Arthur too !

  6. You were such a brave girl, Emma! What a good mom you have to take you to the vet to make sure you were okay. We live with two dogs who behave like animals and it's no fun!!

    Your friends
    Peanut and Marshmellow

  7. We're glad that you are OK, but it's bad when the humans take us to the vet for no reason!

  8. You have a lovely mom, Emma ! She make sure you are well which is nice : )
    And I'm so happy you are super O.K.
    Now time to celebrate with lots of treats !!!!!

  9. Emma, the mom is very impressed with you, given how Nicki behaved in the PTU when HE went to the vet last week. Heh heh.

    And we're glad you're perfectly fine! Tell your mom not to panic so much. (And we wish ours wouldn't, either!)

  10. Poor Emma, fancy being dragged to the V-E-T for that, we sympathise with you. Jet has had to go to the V-E-T several times when he got bitten on his tail by the ginger moggy that prowls our area. He's jealous cos we have a nice home and he hasn't, so he picks on Jet cos he's a big softie.
    Glad you are OK though. Our V-E-T George is really nice, but that doesn't help much when we have to go see him, mama says that's how she feels about visits to the dentist. (What is a dentist?).

  11. Emma, after the indignity of the V E T outing, you must milk it all you can, so you get your favourite food all the time :)

  12. So glad to hear that everything is fine and dandy, Emma!

  13. Dear Emma,
    Glad that you are fine.My mammy sometimes worries about nothing...oh you's normal, because they love us so much!
    You are a doll!
    purrs and love and Happy Cats on Tuesday,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  14. Dearest Emma...make sure you get the food you want and prefer, and keep eating well. And ask for treats and make sure you get them. I recommend Pounce Catnip flavor. xoxox

  15. You did great at the vet! Well done! I hope your Mommy will stick to the food that you like. Looking forward to hearing about how Buster did at the vet. :p

  16. Gosh, Miss Emma, we're super glad to know that your vet visit went well! It's scary to go there. My sister Fuzzy has her senior exam next week - I'm glad I'm not her! I wanted to thank you for stopping by to wish me a happy gotcha day! It's good to have friends like you and Buster!!!

    Love, Zoe

  17. We are glad the vet told your Mom that you were OK. Now maybe next time she will listen to you!

  18. Ooh Emma you look so lovely on that grey velvety fur...purrrr.

  19. Concats on the superb cattitude at the vet. now to punish the mummy for taking you there. We suggest the Tayul of Displeshure until she gives you chicken.

  20. Hello Emma,
    So glad you are okay. We're new to Cats on Tuesday and guess what? We have a Buster, too!! Nice to meet you.
    Buster, Rudy, Sam and Cindy

  21. Emma I am thrilled that you are ok, but maybe tell your Mom it isn't good for your tummy to keep changing foods every month. That could be why you weren't eating. It causes digestive distress.

  22. So glad to hear that you done well on all of your exams!

  23. Glad to hear you're nice and healthy Emma! Sorry you had to go to the V-E-T.

  24. Hooray for that the vet visit turned out well !!


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