One Year Ago Today

Mama forgot to post on my Gotcha Day which was on October 16. I think it's because I didn't get home until October 20th. They had to perform some manly surgeries on me, you know so I had to go home a few days later.

Here are some of the photos Mama took on my first day at home. They fetch me from the shelter, which was 15 miles away about 6 pm. They let me loose inside the car on the drive home and I freaked out at the car lights. That was funny, Mama thought.

buster 005
I got home and decided to roll over the carpet to put my manly scent all over the room.

buster 006
That activity was really tedious so I had to power up with some noms.

buster 011
Then I continued to explore the house.
buster 018
Emma wasn't happy. If only looks could kill :) Doncha worry we're getting along now.

I am so happy to be celebrating my first year in my forever home. I hope every kitty gets a happy forever home.



  1. happy gotcha day Buster

    ~BoBo Salem~
    Meow Meow Family

  2. Buster,
    Happy Gotcha Day!!!!! You look so cute...purrr....meow!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Buster! Man, you're right about Emma's killer look. :)

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, Buster! We hope this means extra treats and cuddles for you!

  5. Hi Buster! Happy Gotcha Day! LOL about Emma's glare. It looks eerily similar to Lucy's look toward Annie.

    I hope you get super spoiled today!

  6. Happy gotcha day, Buster! My mom says what a cutie you were in those babeh pictures!

  7. Me again :)
    The snack I´m eating is from Vitakraft and it´s Rolling Snack with cheese taste and YES they are NOM NOM !!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Buster! We sure are glad you were gotcha'd into such a loving home! :)

  9. Happy belated Gotcha day Buster x

  10. Happy belated gotcha day, Buster! We are glad you got your furever home!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Buster! You were a super cute little dude! I'm glad Emma didn't smack you around too much, MOL ;-)

  12. Glad you're settled into your permanent home. I rode in my dad's truck (please don't be mad at dad for that!)when we moved over 1000 miles!


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