It's Caturday?????

june 1 to 4 2011 008
Let me see.

Yes!!! It's a bright sunny blue-skied Caturday! Time for a catnap <3.


  1. Hehee - yep that about sums up life here too!!
    By the way, I love the way this photo shows off your perfect stripes :)

  2. Saturday is always a good day to take catnip.
    Love that picture. You have such a long lean body.

  3. Enjoy you catnap. Mom and Dad went to see their daughter and Smokey, Mac's brother, ran out the door and across the street so he could lay and roll in the warm sunshine! Mom spoiled all his fun and brought him in!

  4. Yes it IS! What lovely sunny day it is for you. Enjoy your nap!

  5. Looks like it's time fur sum birdie tv at your place! Nap later. Purrs.

  6. Hahaha! Love that pic! It's a happy Sunday here now >^,,^<

  7. well actually since I stopped by late, it's SUNDAY lol......

    but that photo is CATABULOUS for ANY DAY!

  8. What a great picture! Hope you enjoyed your sunny Saturday! :)


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