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Mama and Papa went to Carmel earlier this year and visited the Mission Carmel. And guess who they bumped into the gift shop of the mission?

may 24-25 2011 199
It's the resident kitty visitor. The lady carrying "it" works there and gets daily visits from this kitty. Of course she feeds it. The kitty is not supposed to be in the gift shop but she persists even after being taken out by the lady. The pawrents saw it coming back to the gift shop over and over again after each time she gets "thrown out".

The kitty chilled with my pawrents in the parking lot. Mama took some shots.
Getting head rub from papa.
More head and back rub.
Something caught its attention.
Look how fluffy it is.
Under the car is the way to the gift shop, it said, and off it went to get more food from the lady.

We love it when mama and papa bring us photos of kitties they meet when they leave the house.

Emma and Buster


  1. What a cute cat !
    She must be very stubborn that keeps getting in to the shop all day :)

  2. S/he is gorgeous! We're glad "it" comes back repeatedly for attention and cuddles!

  3. That is a beautiful kitty. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. That kitty needs to educate the lady in the shop that it is suppose to be there~

  5. Oh, you went to Carmel? I live in Southern California and have wanted to go to Carmel for years and still haven't got there. We were just in Santa Barbara for our anniversary and went to the mission there. I hope the kitty can move in to the gift shop. He or she is so sweet looking.

  6. Well, clearly that shop has a Shop Cat, whether they like it or not!

  7. Do you know your blog is almost the only one where I can actually SEE the pictures today? It's so crazy--I can't even see MY OWN pictures!

    This kitteh is very nice. And as long as they only bring PICTURES and not the actual CAT, it's all good!

  8. We luf that many stores haf kittehz, now. Mommy thinks it makes the store seem better sumhow. xoxo

  9. That's a very pretty kitty! My mommy would have spent all her time with that kitty if she saw it. She cheats on us every chance she gets!

  10. A beautiful kitty. Obviously keen on its tucker!

  11. That's such a pretty kitty. I wonder if it was a lost pet? It's real nice of the lady to feed her/him.

  12. That sure is a beautiful cat. Our mom and dad take pictures of cats everywhere they go, too.

  13. When I saw her my heart jumped, she looks just like Habebe, a Persian cat I had when living in Monterey and Cambria, California. She was Caruso's mama. She gave birth to 7 kittens but two days later collapsed with a kidney problem and died on the third day. Caruso came back to England with us, but his surviving siblings went to new homes in the Cambria area, that was 26 years ago, but it makes me wonder if that kitty is a descendant of one of them.


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